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Bernadine Delorme
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Delorme, Bernadine
WESTERN REGIONAL BASKETWEAVERS GATHERING. California Indian Basketweavers Association. Rancho San Rafael Park. Reno, NV. 1999 (06/17/1999 - 06/20/1999)
PAIUTE- WASHOE - SHOSHONE BEADED BASKETS AND BOTTLES. Museum of the Plains Indian and Crafts Center. Browning, MT. 1987 (03/02/1987 - 04/03/1987)
NATIVE AMERICAN ART: OUR CONTEMPORARY VISIONS. Sierra Nevada Museum of Art. Reno, NV. 1986 (11/1986 - 11/1986)
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Ortiz, Beverly R., Jacquelyn Ross, Aguilar Dugan, Cash Margolin, Doug Mullens, Marian Walkingstick, and LInda Yamane. "Report on the Western Regional Basketweavers Gathering". News from Native California, vol. 13, no. 1 (fall 1999). 1999.361999
Porter, Frank W., III (compiler). Native American Basketry: an Annotated Bibliography. New York, New York: Greenwood Press. 1988.2401988

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