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Death Convention Singers
Date Note
formed in 2004
External Remarks
Musical group includes the following members (as documented in the group's Facebook page on June 4, 2016): Raven Chacon, Marisa Demarco, Ken Cornell, Autumn Chacon, Scott Williams, Giovanna Anderson, Luke Brapola, Drake Hardin, Mike Day, Jessica Billey, Bud Melvin, Tahnee Udero, Rene Aguilera, Ipytor Machislav, Kris Kerby, Rosie Hutchinson, Rachaelle Ceniceros, Rosina Roibal, Nate Daly, Gena Lawson, Mateo Galindo, Chad McCoy, Ariel Muniz, Monica Demarco, Luke Nihlen, Patrick Day, Jonathan Cram, Michael Schissel, Frank Larson, Jeff Sproul(R.I.P.), Pat Clark, Mike Waxman, Pat O'Connell, Matthew Taylor, Danny Garcia, Rob Valdez, Steve Hammond, Osker Merrill, Dave Catanach, KK Lady, Augustine Ortiz, Jamie Rushad, Geoff Escandon, Jay Fugelso, Peter Mezensky, Surgeon's Girl.



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Death Convention Singers
An Evening Redness in the West. Museum of Contemporary Native Arts. Santa Fe, New Mexico. (08/21/2015 - 12/31/2015)
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Death Convention Singers. "Death Convention Singers, Musician/Band". In: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/). URL: https://www.facebook.com/deathconventionsingers/. 6/4/2016.6/4/2016Musical group on Facebook (viewed June 4, 2016)View
Lockyer, Jon. "Norman Akers, Shuvinai Ashoona, Naomi Bebo, Andrea Carlson, Death Convention Singers, Jeffrey Gibson, Duane Linklater, Scott E. Jones, Virgil Ortiz & Rose Simpson, and Joseph Tisiga: an 'Evening Redness in the West,' Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aug. 21-Dec. 31, 2015". C Magazine, 128 (winter 2016). 2016.57-582016

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