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Oscar Howe
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Date Note
birth date May 13 or 15, 1915; death date October 7, 1983



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Howe, Oscar

Artist's work is represented in the object collection of the Heard Museum

The Art of Ceremony: American Indian Painting in the 20th Century. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. February 4, 2011 - March 16, 2012.
Beautiful Resistance II. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. December 2005 - June 2006.
Beautiful Resistance. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. May 22, 2005 - December 2005.
DRAWN FROM MEMORY: JAMES T. BIALAC COLLECTION OF NATIVE AMERICAN ART. Heard Museum. Phoenix, AZ. 1996 (02/24/1996 - 09/03/1996)
100 YEARS OF NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTING. The Oklahoma Museum of Art. Oklahoma City, OK. 1978 (03/05/1978 - 04/16/1978)
PAINTINGS BY AMERICAN INDIANS. California Palace of the Legion of Honor. San Francisco. 1962 (01/27/1962 - 03/04/1962)
Indian Art on the Great Plains. Denver Art Museum. Denver, Colorado. September 17, 1956 - November 29, 1956. Note: held at the Chappell House, and supplemented with a publication titled, Indian Art of the Great Plains.
Fairs and Markets
1937 American Indian Exposition and Congress. American Indian Exposition. Tulsa, Oklahoma. October 21-23, 1937. Note: second annual.
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