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Don Narcomey



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Narcomey, Don
Cafe City Arts 2011. City Arts Center at Fair Park. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. January 28, 2011 - February 11, 2011. Note: includes the following artists: Andrew Boatman, Bryan Boone, Mike Bruno, Kim Camp, J Don Cook, Ron Ferrell, Dan Garrett, Grace Grothaus, Robert Hill, Michelle Himes McCrory, Howard Koerth, Marko Kratohvil, Harolyn Long, J Michelle Martin-Coyne, JR Morrison, Chad Mount, Don Narcomey, Romy Owens, Zachary Presley, Brandon Reese, Benjy Russell, Bert Seabourn, Jim Stewart, Clint Stone, Sue Moss Sullivan, Michi Susan, Tom Toperzer, Tracy Turner, Dee Unsell, Suzanne Wallace Mears, Kara Whitmire Floyd, Sarah Hearn, Holly Wilson, Eric Wright, and May Yang.
Entry: New Works by Don Narcomey. Gallery, Tulsa Artists' Coalition. Tulsa, Oklahoma. February 4, 2000 - February 27, 2000.
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Available ActionsCitationPagesPublication DateArtist Citation NotesWebsite
Hinton, Carla. "Symbol of Hope: One-of-a-Kind Crucifix Art Pieces at St. Anthony Hospitals". In: The Oklahoman online (host URL: ) at source URL: http://newsok.com/article/5395468. 2015.2015Online article posted February 22, 2015 about Don Narcomey's hand-carved crucifixes (viewed February 20, 2017)View
Narcomey, Don. Don Narcomey. URL: http://www.narcomey.net/index2.php. 2017.2017Don Narcomey's website (viewed February 20, 2017)View
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. "Don Narcomey". In: Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition website (host URL: http://ovac-ok.org/) at source URL: http://ovac-ok.org/artist-portfolio/don-narcomey/. 2017.2017Don Narcomey's artist profile on the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC) website (viewed February 20, 2017)View

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