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Jontay Kahm
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Kahm, Jontay
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Gregoire, Cynthia Liza. "17 Year Old Fashion Designer & Painter Inspired by Alexander McQueen to Design". In: Mod Stylist blog (host URL: https://modstylist.com/) at source URL: https://modstylist.com/2014/10/08/new-york-and-london-fashion-week-17-year-old-jontay-kahns-aw14-collection/. 2014.2014Jontay Kahm featured on the Mod Stylist blog on October 8, 2014 (viewed August 20, 2017)View
Gregoire, Cynthia Liza and the Chrissy B Show. "NYFW and Up & Coming Designer Jontay Kahm on the Chrissy B Show Sky TV". In: YouTube (host URL: https://www.youtube.com/) at source URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TbGbI0uLCw. 2014.2014Couture fashion by Jontay Kahm on Youtube (viewed August 20, 2017); video published on September 16, 2014. "With the world's leading fashion weeks well underway featuring established designer's new collections, the hunt is on for upcoming fresh new talent in industry! Cynthia Liza showcases a totally handmade AW14 collection designed and manufactured by a 17 year old boy hailing from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. Starting with only a shirt pattern from the back of a book at 14 years old, young Jontay graduates from high school this year and will be attending Central Saint Martins shortly to study and pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer!" Duration: 7:52 minutes.View
Growingthunder, Tahnee Ahtoneharjo. "Seven Directions". First American Art Magazine, issue no. 16 (fall 2017). 2017.16-172017Discusses artists Jontay Kahm, Elizabeth James-Perry, Matt Bigos, SharpShooter, and Christian Allaire; and the museum Minneapolis Institute of Art and the documentary Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation.
Kahm, Jontay. "Jontay Kahm, @underlining_desire". In: The Picta, Online Instagram Posts Viewer (host URL: http://www.thepicta.com/) at source URL: http://www.thepicta.com/user/underlining_desire/1561601999. 2017.2017Jontay Kahm on Picta, Online Instagram Posts Viewer (viewed August 20, 2017)View

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