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Vine Deloria
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birth date March 26, 1933; death date November 13, 2005
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Deloria, Vine
WALLACE STEGNER AWARD. Center of the Americn West. University of Colorado at Boulder. Boulder, CO. 2002 (10/23/2002 - 10/23/2002)
Senate Resolution No. 118. State of Michigan. A RESOLUTION HONORING VINE DELORIA, JR. 1991 (1991 - 1991)
Northern Michigan University. Marquette, MI. HONORARY DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERS. 1991 (1991 - 1991)
Hamline University. St. Paul, MN. HONORARY DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERS. 1979 (1979 - 1979)
Iowa State University. Ames, Iowa. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARD. 1977 (1977 - 1977)
Scholastica College. Duluth, MN. HONORARY DOCTOR OF LETTERS. 1976 (1976 - 1976)
Interchurch Features. New York, NY. THEOLOGICAL SUPERSTAR OF THE FUTURE. 1974 (1974 - 1974)
Indian Council Fire. Chicago, IL. INDIAN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. 1972 (1972 - 1972)
Augustana College. Rock Island, IL. HONORARY DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERS. 1972 (1972 - 1972)
National Cponference of Christians and Jews. New York, NY. SPECIAL CITATION for "We Talk, You Listen". 1971 (1971 - 1971)
ANISFIELD-WOLF AWARD for "Custer Died for Your Sins" 1970 (1970 - 1970)
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Available ActionsCitationPagesPublication DateArtist Citation NotesWebsite
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Caduto, Michael J. and Joseph Bruchac. KEEPERS OF THE ANIMALS: NATIVE AMERICAN STORIES AND WILDLIFE ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN. Golden, CO: Fulcrum Publishing. 1991.Foreword1991
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Cajete, Gregory. Look to the Mountain: an Ecology of Indigenous Education. Durango, Colorado: Kivakí Press. 1994.1994Includes introduction by Vine Deloria, Jr.
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