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Athena LaTocha



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LaTocha, Athena
Athena LaTocha: Inside the Forces of Nature. Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Institute of American Indian Arts. Santa Fe, New Mexico. January 20, 2017 - May 13, 2017.
Athena LaTocha. CUE Art Foundation. New York, New York. November 7, 2015 - January 14, 2016. Note: solo exhibition curated by Jaune Quick-to-See Smith; accompanied by catalog.
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Lanteri, Michelle. "[Review of exhibition] 'Athena La Tocha: Inside the Forces of Nature', IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe". First American Art Magazine, issue no. 15 (summer 2017). 2017.74-762017Appears in the "Reviews" column of the magazine issue. On display in the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the gallery's hallway from January 20 through May 13, 2017.
LaTocha, Athena. Athena LaTocha. New York, New York: CUE Art Foundation. 2015.2015Catalog of an exhibition held CUE Art Foundation, New York, New York, November 7-December 19, 2015; also available online via Issuu (viewed July 14, 2017).View
LaTocha, Athena. Athena LaTocha. URL: http://athenalatocha.com/home.html. 2016.2016Artist's website (viewed May 31, 2016)View
Montiel, Anya. "Athena LaTocha: the Presence of Monumentality". National Museum of the American Indian, summer 2016. 2016.14-17, 19-202016Title of article on cover and table of contents page differs: "The Monumental Scrapings of Athena LaTocha."
Digital Resources
Athena LaTocha résumé June 7, 2016

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