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Louis Naranjo (Santa Clara)
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Naranjo, Louis (Santa Clara)
Fairs and Markets
1937 American Indian Exposition and Congress. American Indian Exposition. Tulsa, Oklahoma. October 21-23, 1937. Note: second annual.
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American Indian Exposition. American Indian Exposition and Congress, October 21, 22, 23, 1937, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa, Oklahoma: American Indian Exposition. 1937.71937Catalog of an exhibition and congress organized by American Indian Exposition. Sources and artists represented: Shawnee Agency: Ernest Spybuck, Bennie Jefferson; Marcellus Duncan; Herman Franklin; Osage Agency: Louis Haskell, Marian Revard, Russell Wagoshe, Mary Tall Chief; Kiowa artists: James Auchiah, Stephen Mopope, Spencer Asa; Agency of the Five Civilized Tribes: Cecil Dick, Tony Tonkilla; Navajo Service, Window Rock, Arizona: Andrew Tsinaijginnie; United States Indian School, Santa Fe: Allan Busheyhead, Oscar Howe, Mary Ellen, Ha-so-de, Helena Lo-Mo-Yes-Va, Tony Chapito, Clarence Guiterrez, Louis Naranjo, Juan B. Gutierrez, Jose D. Pecos, Otelateya, Santiago Romero, Joe H. Herrera, Thomas Thompson, Ca-Wa-Stu-Ma, Juan G. Swazo, Pete Vigil, Ultimio Vigil, Ka-Tside, Carlos Garcia, Eva Mirabel, Tonita Lujan, Eloisa Bernal, Pop-Chalee, James Tsoodle, Lorenzo Beard; Bacone College, Bacone: Richard West, Solomon McComb, Alfred Kodaseet, Juan Martinez, Willard Stone, Acee Blue Eagle, Wo
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