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Rose Ann Lee



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Lee, Rose Ann

Artist's work is represented in the object collection of the Heard Museum

Navajo Textiles: 100+ Years of Weaving. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. June 11, 2011 - January 8, 2012.
Navajo Weaving at Arizona State Museum/19th Century Blankets/20th Century Rugs/21st Century Views. Arizona State Museum. Tucson, Arizona. October 23, 2004 - May 2, 2005.
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Schmitt, Rory O'Neill. Navajo and Hopi Art in Arizona: Continuing Traditions. Charleston, South Carolina: History Press. 2016.89, 91-92, 96, 97, 1022016Foreword by Lee Peterson, with bibliographical references (pages 179-182) and index. Featured artists include Contemporary Melanie Yazzie, Jesse Monongya, Ric Charlie, Edward Charlie, Barbara Teller Ornelas, Marlowe Katoney, Margaret Wood, Verma Nequatewa, Piki Wadsworth, Ramson Lomatewama, and Manuel Chavarria Jr.

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