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Samantha Crain
Specialty / Medium
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Crain, Samantha
Fairs and Markets
Choctaw Nation Arts & Music Festival. National Museum of the American Indian. Washington, D.C. 2016 (2016-06-24 - 2016-06-25)
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Available ActionsCitationPagesPublication DateArtist Citation NotesWebsite
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. "Choctaw Nation Arts & Music Festival, June 24 & 25". Biskinik, June 2016. 2016.142016List of featured artists and festival schedule.
Crain, Samantha. Samantha Crain. URL: http://samanthacrain.com/. 6/15/2016.6/15/2016Artist's website (viewed June 15, 2016)View
Shade, Karen. "Choctaw Artist Playing Shows in Tulsa, Norman". Native American Times, 18(No. 7: February 17). 2012.72012

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