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Oqwa Pi
Date Note
birth date August 1, circa 1899-1902; Montclair Art Museum gives dates as: 1900-1971 as does Wheelwright Museum. Philbrook and Lester gives 1899-1971; death date March 21, 1971



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Oqwa Pi

Artist's work is represented in the object collection of the Heard Museum

A Century of Pueblo Painters: San Ildefonso Pueblo 1900-1999. Adobe Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico. March 3, 2017 - April 30, 2017. Group show and sale with the following artists: José Angela Aguilar, Gilbert Atencio, Popovi Da, Tony Da, Luis Gonzales,, Julián Martinez, Richard Martinez, Santana Roybal Martinez, José Encarnacion Peña, Tonita Vigil Peña, Tony Pena, Alfonso Roybal, José Disiderio Roybal, Tonita Roybal, Abel Sanchez, Romando Vigil, and Tomacito Vigil.
Beautiful Resistance II. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. December 2005 - June 2006.
Beautiful Resistance. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. May 22, 2005 - December 2005.
Pueblo Indian Watercolors from the National Museum of Art. National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. Washington, D.C. 1994.
Fairs and Markets
1937 American Indian Exposition and Congress. American Indian Exposition. Tulsa, Oklahoma. October 21-23, 1937. Note: second annual.
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Adobe Gallery. A Century of Pueblo Painters: San Ildefonso Pueblo 1900-1999. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Adobe Gallery. 2017.2017Catalog of an exhibition and sale show organized by Alexander E. Anthony Jr., Adobe Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Painters include José Angela Aguilar (1898-1965); Gilbert Atencio (1930-1995) Wah-Peen; Popovi Da (1922-1971); Tony Da (1940-2008); Luis Gonzales (1907-1990) Wo-Peen; Julián Martinez (1885-1943) Pocano; Richard Martinez (1904-1987) Opa Mu Nu; Santana Roybal Martinez (c.1891-2002); José Encarnacion Peña (1902-1979) Soqween; Tonita Vigil Peña (1893-1949) Quah Ah; Tony Pena; Alfonso Roybal (1898-1955) Awa Tsireh; José Disiderio (J.D.) Roybal (1922-1978) Oquwa; Tonita Roybal (c.1950-); Abel Sanchez (1899-1971) Oqwa Pi; Romando Vigil (1902-1978) Tse Ye Mu; and Tomacito Vigil (c.1923-?) Po-qui-Tsireh.
American Indian Exposition. American Indian Exposition and Congress, October 21, 22, 23, 1937, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa, Oklahoma: American Indian Exposition. 1937.91937Catalog of an exhibition and congress organized by American Indian Exposition. Sources and artists represented: Shawnee Agency: Ernest Spybuck -- Bennie Jefferson -- Marcellus Duncan -- Herman Franklin. Osage Agency: Louis Haskell -- Marian Revard -- Russell Wagoshe -- Mary Tall Chief. Kiowa artists: James Auchiah -- Stephen Mopope -- Spencer Asa. Agency of the Five Civilized Tribes: Cecil Dick -- Tony Tonkilla. -- Navajo Service, Window Rock, Arizona: Andrew Tsinaijginnie. United States Indian School, Santa Fe: Allan Busheyhead -- Oscar Howe -- Mary Ellen -- Ha-so-de -- Helena Lo-Mo-Yes-Va -- Tony Chapito -- Clarence Guiterrez -- Louis Naranjo -- Juan B. Gutierrez -- Jose D. Pecos -- Otelateya -- Santiago Romero -- Joe H. Herrera -- Thomas Thompson -- Ca-Wa-Stu-Ma -- Juan G. Swazo -- Pete Vigil -- Ultimio Vigil -- Ka-Tside -- Carlos Garcia -- Eva Mirabel -- Tonita Lujan -- Eloisa Bernal -- Pop-Chalee -- James Tsoodle -- Lorenzo Beard. Bacone College, Bacone: Richard West -- Solo
Dini, Jane (editor). Dance: American Art, 1830-1960. Detroit, Michigan: Detroit Institute of Arts. 2016.73-762016Catalog was published in conjunction with the exhibition The Art of American Dance, Detroit Institute of Arts, March 20, 2016 - June 12, 2016; Denver Art Museum, July 10, 2016 - October 22, 2016; and Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, October 22, 201 - January 16, 2017. Native American artists cited in index include Awa Tsireh (Alfonso Roybal), Walter Bone Shirt, Dolores Purdy Corcoran, Harry Fonseca, Oscar Howe, Oqwa Pi (Abel Sanchez), Quah Ah (Tonita Peña), and Maria Tallchief.
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