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Lucassie Echalook (E9-1648)
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b. August 9, 1942
Artist’s physical folder is filed alphabetically in the Native American Artists Resource Collection under the following name:
Echalook, Lucassie (E9-1648)

Artist's work is represented in the object collection of the Heard Museum

WORKS ON PAPER FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION OF INUIT ART. Canadian Guild of Crafts. Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada. 1988 (03/1988 - 04/1988)
MOTHER. Gallery Indigena, Inc. Stratford, Ontario, Canada. 1987 (07/1987 - 08/1987)
INUIT GRAPHICS FROM THE PAST. Artctic Artistry. Scarsdale, NY. 1987 (05/1987 - 06/1987)
THE SPIRIT OF THE LAND. Koffler Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1986 (05/1986 - 06/1986)
HUNTING IN THE ARCTIC. Alberta Provincial Museum and Archives. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 1986 (1986 - 1986)
THE ARCTIC / L'ARTIQUE. UNESCO. Paris, France. 1983 (10/1983 - 11/1983)
THE JACQUI AND MORRIS SHUMIATCHER COLLECTOIN OF INUIT ART. Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery. University of Regina. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 1981 (10/1981 - 11/1981)
INUIT ART: A SECLECTION OF INUIT ART FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MAN, OTTAWA AND THE ROTHMAN'S PERMANENT COLLECTION OF INUIT SCULPTURE. Canada National Museum of Man. Ottawa. Ottawa, Canada. Also, Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Ltd. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Tour) 1981 (04/1981 - 05/1982)
ESKIMO PRINTS FROM NOUVEAU-QUEBEC 1974-1978. Ufundi gallery. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 1980 (1980 - 1980)
INUIT GAMES AND CONTESTS: THE CLIFFORD E. LEE COLLECTION OF PRINTS. University of Alberta. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 1978 (08/1978 - 08/1978)
INOUCDJOUAC PRINT COLLECTION. Province of Quebec, Montreal, Canada. 1976 (1976 - 1976)
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Available ActionsCitationPagesPublication DateArtist Citation NotesWebsite
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. THE SPIRIT OF THE LAND. (North York, Ontario, Canada: Jewish Community Centre). 1986.n.p.1986
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