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Emiliana Vigil
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Vigil, Emiliana
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Little, Sidney Wahl (project coordinator) and Lloyd Kiva New (co-director). 1961 Southwestern Indian Art Project. Tucson, Arizona: University of Arizona. 1961.no pagination1961Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation; conducted by the University of Arizona, June 12 through July 22, 1961. Faculty include Lloyd Kiva, Andrew Rush, Roy Sieber, Charles Loloma, S. Radakovich, Maurice Grossman, and Otellie Loloma. Students include Frank Austin, Thomas Badonie, Jerome Begay, Jimmie Begay, Henrietta Bobb, Geoge Burdeau, Elmer Chavarria, Roberta Colehay, Jimmie Carol Fife, Chester Kahn, Bernando Lalo, Shirley Martin, Peter Mitchell, James Natatches, Christino Pena, Michael Penrod, James Redcorn, Fritz Scolder, Gibson R. Smith, Patronella Smith, M. Susunkewa, Emiliana Vigil, and Antwoine Warrior.
Moreton, Dorothy. "Modern Approach to Primitive Crafts". Arizona Days and Ways Magazine, Sunday, July 16, 1961. 1961.371961Includes color portrait of Emiliana Vigil with Jimmie Begay and James Redcorn. | Article about the second annual summer session of the University of Arizona's Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts Project supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Includes participants Lloyd Kiva New, Charles Loloma, Ottelie Loloma, Christino Pena, James Netatches, Jimmie Begay, Emiliana Vigil, and James Redcorn.

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