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Ramona Sakiestewa



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Sakiestewa, Ramona

Artist's work is represented in the object collection of the Heard Museum

Ramona Sakiestewa: Light Echoes. TAI Modern. Santa Fe, New Mexico. August 11, 2017 - September 23, 2017.
Beauty Speaks for Us. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. February 10, 2017 - March 31, 2017.
Gifted! Recent Additions to the Heard Collection. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. December 18, 2015.
WE ARE ABOUT BEAUTY: HOPI ARTISTS, HOPI ART. Heard Museum North. Scottsdale, AZ. 2008 (10/25/2008 - 03/29/2009)
CHOICES AND CHANGE: AMERICAN INDIAN ARTISTS IN THE SOUTHWEST. Heard Museum North. Scottsdale, AZ. 2007 (06/30/2007 - )
GIFTS TO CELEBRATE. Heard Museum. Phoenix, AZ. 2005 (10/08/2005 - 07/30/2006)
HOME: NATIVE PEOPLES IN THE SOUTHWEST. Heard Museum. Phoenix, AZ. 2005 (05/2005 - )
CULTURAL COLORS: FIBER ART AND DRAWINGS BY RAMONA SAKIESTEWA. Heard Museum North. Scottsdale, AZ. 2002 (07/20/2002 - 01/05/2003)
FASHION FUSION. Heard Museum North. Scottsdale, AZ. 1999 (07/10/1999 - 06/2000)
"Ramona Sakiestewa." Heard Museum. Phoenix, AZ 1997 (07/12/1997 - 1998)
Gibbes Museum of Art. "6 From Santa Fe, Contemporary Native American Art. Santa Fe, NM. 1989 (11/16/1989 - 12/31/1989)
WOMEN OF SWEETGRASS, CEDAR AND SAGE. Gallery of the American Indian Community House, New York, NY. (06/01/1985 - 06/29/1985)
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Brailsford, Charlotte. 6 From Santa Fe, Contemporary Native American Art From Santa Fe, Nov 16 - Dec 31, 1989 (Charleston, SC: Gibbes Museum of Art, 1989) p. 10-11, 16. [general file].
Hammond, Harmony, and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (curators). ~Women of Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage: Contemporary Art by Native American Women. New York, New York: Gallery of the American Indian Community House. 1985.1985Catalog of an exhibition held June 1-29, 1985; individual artists in the exhibition also includes Gail Bird/Yazzie Johnson, Karita Coffey, Jody Folwell, Imogene Goodshot, Helen Hardin, Sylvia Lark, Carm Little Turtle, Otellie Loloma, Linda Lomahaftewa, Georgia Masayesva, Kay Miller, Lillian Pitt, Jolene Rickard, Ramona Sakiestewa, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Jacquie Stevens, Charlene Touchette, Kay WalkingStick, and Emmi Whitehorse.
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WalkingStick, Kay and Ann E. Marshall. So Fine! Masterworks of Fine Art from the Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona: Heard Museum. 2001.622001Catalog of an exhibition
Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian. "Collections: Thank You to Donors for 1992 Acquisitions". Messenger (Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian), summer 1993. 1993.101993Donation of artworks by Pablita Velarde, Maria & Julian, Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson, Gina Gray, Ramona Sakiestewa, Sally Black, Cora Black, Evelyn Cly, Silas B. Claw, Debe Kligin, Lyn Stevens, Juanita Stevens, and Emmi Whitehorse cited.
Whiteford, Andrew H. "Southwest". In: Fenimore Art Museum, Eva Fognell (editor) and Alexander Brier Marr (editor). Art of the North American Indians: the Thaw Collection at the Fenimore Art Museum. Cooperstown, New York: Fenimore Art Museum. 2016.2512016Features the wool textile "Nebula 13".

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