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Tiokasin Ghosthorse
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Ghosthorse, Tiokasin
Native Arts & Cultures Foundation Artist Fellow. Native Arts & Cultures Foundation. Vancouver, Washington. 2016.
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. "Book Signing for 'Butterfly Against the Wind' by Jadina Lilien & Tiokasin Ghosthorse to Be Held in NYC". Native Sun News Today, vol. 8, issue 32 (October 26-November 1, 2016). 2016.B3-B42016
Ghosthorse, Tiokasin. "Tiokasin Ghosthorse on "Make No Bones about It." 3-2-2014 5pm". In: YouTube (host URL: https://www.youtube.com/). Source URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-iJgrxweKA. 2014.2014Duration: 57:16 minutes. | Tiokasin Ghosthorse on YouTube (viewed December 23, 2016); published on March 3, 2014. "We have to stop with the idea of creating peace on earth and begin with creating peace with Mother Earth. We've tried the first alternative for thousands of years, but look where that has led us, now is the time of the Original Ways, the Native ways, after all ... it is coming this way - that we all must make peace with Mother Earth - there is no more altering the native way."View
Ghosthorse, Tiokasin. First Voices Indigenous Radio. URL: https://www.firstvoicesindigenousradio.org/. 2016.2016Tiokasin Ghosthorse, host and producer, of First Voices Indigenous Radio (viewed December 23, 2016)View

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