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Scott Rackliff
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birth date May 29, 1923



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Rackliff, Scott
Cherokee National Treasure Award. Cherokee Nation and Cherokee National Historical Society. Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 1991. Note: awarded for flintknapping/carving; award also called Cherokee National Living Treasure and Master Craftsperson.
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Cain, Shawna Morton and Pamela Jumper Thurman (editors). Cherokee National Treasures in Their Own Words. Tahlequah, Oklahoma: Cherokee Nation. 2017.24, 78-79, 129, 1962017Biographical sketches with index of the Cherokee National Treasures, recipients of the Cherokee National Treasure Award which is bestowed by the Cherokee Nation and the the Cherokee National Historical Society, Oklahoma. Cherokee National Teasures include the following: Alex England, Lyman Vann, George Fourkiller, Stella Livers, Willie Jumper Sr., Rogers McLemore, Cecil Dick, Hester Guess, Lizzie Whitekiller, Todum Hair, Lucille Hair, Polly Jane Whitekiller, Mattie Drum, William Foster, David Neugin, Sally Lacy, Minne Handle Jumper, John Ketcher, Mildred Justice-Ketcher, Jennie Sapp, Scott Rackliff, Tom Webber Wildcat, Betty Scraper Garner, Clesta Manley, Sam Lee Still, Linda Mouse-Hansen, Mary Foreman, Anna Sixkiller Mitchell, Lee Foreman, Albert Woffard [Albert Wofford, p. 270 in Continuations], Ella Mae Blackbear, Kathryn Kelley, Betty Bean Smith, Vyrl Keeter, Maxine Stick, Wanna Lou Barton, Lorene Drywater, Marie Proctor, Eva Mae Pigeon Smith, Lena Blackbird, Eunice O'Field, Clar

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