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Helen Naha
Date Note
death date of June 1, 1993 is approximate



Artist’s physical folder is filed alphabetically in the Native American Artists Resource Collection under the following name:
Naha, Helen

Artist's work is represented in the object collection of the Heard Museum

Elegance from Earth: Hopi Pottery. Heard Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. March 24, 2012 - April 6, 2014.
Home: Native People in the Southwest. Heard Museum. Phoenix, AZ. 2005 (05/22/2005 - )
Images, Artists, Styles: Recent Acquisitions from the Heard Museum Collection. Heard Museum North. Scottsdale, AZ. 2001 (07/2001 - 12/2001)
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Ray Manley Studios (photographer). "In the End... Fire Determines". Arizona Highways, vol. 50, no. 5 (May 1974). 1974.8-91974
Wade, Edwin L. and Allan Cooke. Canvas of Clay: Seven Centuries of Hopi Ceramic Art. Sedona, Arizona: El Otro Lado. 2012.2012Potters represented in the catalog works section of the Allan Cooke Collection include Nampeyo, Hisi Quotskuyva Nampeyo, Myrtle Young, Rachel Namingha Nampeyo, Annie Nampeyo, Paqua Naha (Frogwoman), Garnet Pavatea, Sadie Adams, Helen Naha (Featherwoman), Dextra Quotsakuyva Nampeyo, Fannie Polacca Nampeyo, Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo, Jean Sahmie Nampeyo, Rondina Huma, James Garcia Nampeyo, Mark Tahbo, Hisi Nampeyo, Les Namingha Nampeyo, Steve Lucas, Nathan Begaye, Rachel Sahmie Nampeyo, and Karen Abeita.

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